The story behind the HERE Urban Mobility Index

The HERE Urban Mobility Index provides decision makers with a comprehensive picture of how a city moves.

Cities of the Future

Cities are our greatest invention. Already home to more than half the world’s population, they are set to be home to two-thirds of people by 2050. While urban living is more efficient and enables us to put ideas into action more quickly, rapidly expanding populations present major challenges for city governments, businesses, and citizens.

In this era of unprecedented change, staying mobile will be crucial to a city’s livability and economic prosperity. The smart cities of the future will be those who use location intelligent data to achieve this. They will glean insights from complex and diverse data sources in order to understand how the city moves, and to keep it moving. They will use these insights to be responsive to the ever-changing demands of urban living, not only to support their economies, but to improve quality of life – whether that be more efficient journeys for everyone or improving driver safety with highly automated cars. 

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Location is the glue that unites our data 

For over 30 years, HERE has witnessed first-hand the growing role that location plays in improving quality of life – from making our air cleaner and roads safer, to helping governments and the private sector work together more efficiently.  

The HERE location platform offers a uniquely complete location data set in a flexible framework that can adapt to complex needs. Our singular focus on location data and services means that we are a partner cities and businesses can grow and innovate with, today and tomorrow.

The HERE Urban Mobility Index

We believe that location data can help people make better decisions and create better services for citizens with solutions that make transport smarter. The HERE Urban Mobility Index provides an overview of mobility smartness across more than 35 of the world’s major cities. Working with partners and city specialists, we have identified four major themes in order to assess a city’s mobility performance:

  • Connectivity
  • Affordability 
  • Sustainability 
  • Innovation

The index brings together the HERE Reality Index as well as open source data, including traffic analysis, mobility management and smart city technology, to develop a series of fourteen indicators that measure specific aspects of city mobility. This complex data has then been visualised to support decision makers with a comprehensive picture of how a city moves. 

Our goal is to make the HERE Urban Mobility Index a tool for city planners, businesses and citizens, helping them to identify opportunities and reinvent urban movement for cities of the future. 

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